Pursuant to the provisions of Act No. 323/1992 Coll. (Notary Code), notaries public perform and provide the following services:

  • a)drawing up and issuing legal instruments
  • b)authenticating and certifying legally significant facts
  • c)acting in the matters of notarial custody
  • d)acting in the matters of Notarial Central Registers

A notary public may also do other legal work subject to the Notary Code or a special act.

Family Law and Community Property

We help married couples clearly define rules governing distribution of property acquired, either jointly or individually, during the marriage. The rules, once established, can be executed as a notarial act.

Commercial Firms and Business Activities

We offer a wide range of legal services for commercial firms and business activities; starting from the establishment of a commercial firm and its changes through to legal work concerning the operation of a commercial firm such as authentication of minutes of General Meetings and other meetings with legal entities, legal services necessary for mergers and certification to confirm requirements fulfilment for cross-border mergers.

Electronic filings to the Companies Register simplify and accelerate the registration process for our clients.

Donation and Wills

A notary public will advise you on which options best suit your current situation. As a professional with vast experience in drawing up will documents and donation deeds, a notary public will help you find the solution that will meet your needs and your family´s needs.

Upon drawing up a will, we forthwith provide for its registration with the Notarial Central Register of Wills. Should the need arise, additions (inclusion of a disinheritance clause), changes or a revocation of the Will can be effected and forthwith followed by registration with Notarial Central Register of Wills.

A donation deed, once drawn up, will be notarized and forthwith its electronic filing with the relevant Land Registry will be arranged.

Fixed Assets Transfer Contracts and notarial custody

Transfer of fixed assets through a notary public is currently the most common way of acquiring ownership of properties. Notarial custody of purchase price protects the rights and legitimate interests of all parties to the contract and ensures legal certainty until the ownership title is registered in the Land Registry. We draft all types of contracts and agreements on fixed assets (Sales and purchase contracts, donation deeds, barter trades, agreements of cancellation and settlement of community property).

A notary public makes electronic filings to Land Registries, thus saving clients´ time and money, since all legal acts are performed at one place – at a notarial office.

Securing liabilities

Creditor´s receivables from debtor may be secured in several ways. We give you advice on which type of security is the best for you and we will do all legal work concerning securitization. In addition to various types of security agreements, a notary public also registers pledges in the Central Notarial Register of Pledges, as well as electronically files applications for registration of pledges in the relevant Land Registry.

A notarial act, being a power of distress, drawn up by a notary public with direct enforceability, can be used as an effective way to collect receivables in the future. In the event of enforced settlement of the debtor´s liabilities, the notarial act will be presented to an authorized distrainor directly for recovery without further actions. This helps the notary public prevent legal disputes in the future.

Authentification services – notaries guarantee veracity and accuracy

In certifying and authenticating legally significant facts a notary public certifies a fact or an event in a particular place at a particular time and records in writing whether or not the particular fact happened. A notary public shall give account of all relevant facts he witnesses and he is responsible for the fact that the certified action happened exactly as he recorded it. Certifying and authenticating legally significant facts or events by notaries may in the future largely contribute to proving a certain fact and it is considered a lawful means of proving facts.

Electronic archive of documents

Registering your documents in the notary´s electronic archive will ensure their indestructibility and allows for access by only people you authorize. A great advantage is that the authorized people can access the document at any Slovak Notarial Office.

Notary´s practice in relation to voluntary auctions

A voluntary auction is an effective tool of recovering the creditor´s receivables. It enables speedy liquidation of a pledge and coverage of the creditor´s secured receivables whether in part or in whole.

In relation to voluntary auctions we offer on-site attestation throughout the course of a voluntary auction; in or outside our Notarial Office, depending on our client´s needs, as well as registration of notices of voluntary auctions in the Notarial Central Register.