Use of notarial acts

A notary public is a public official, appointed by the state and authorized to conduct notarial practice as well as to offer other legal services.

Notarial acts cannot be additionally altered: by registering them in the Central Notarial Register we ensure their inalterability and permanency without any future additions or alterations thereto.

Notarial acts, deeds and certificates prepared as part of notarial practice, their notarized copies and instruments prepared by a notary public acting as a commissioner in a probate process have probative value of a public form act.

A difference between a private and a public deed is that in case of public deed we assume their truthfulness and accuracy; anyone who says the contrary must prove the fact. The burden of evidence is thus on the person denying the public deed. Private deeds do not carry such force of evidence. Therefore, public deeds have much greater force of evidence than private deeds.

Transparency of fees charged: fees charged for notarial services are publically available and set forth in Decree of Slovak Ministry of Justice on Charges and Compensation of Notaries No. 31/1993 Coll. as amended.