Why a notary public?


A notary public is obliged to safeguard the interests of all parties involved in a legal relation as well as other parties concerned so as to equally secure all rights and legitimate interests of each and every one of them, the result of which will be legal certainty for all participants.

Notaries shall pay special attention to the party who needs the most information by offsetting any imbalance in knowledge, actively offering their professional advice and opinions, keeping a balanced position aimed at preserving the legality of the deed or transaction, the full effect of a public form act and the security and peace of the parties.

They clearly and professionally inform their clients of the legitimate means to achieve the lawful ends and of the consequences of planned deeds or transactions, and warn them of any undesirable effects, if they insist on their requests (Deontology Code of the International Union of Notaries).


A notary public can provide comprehensive services in one place so as to meet clients´ requirements to their full satisfaction, such as the following:

  • -drafting purchase agreements, their electronic filing to the Land Registry and by means of notarial custody ascertaining that the purchase price is paid
  • -drafting pledge agreements and their registering in the Central Notarial Register
  • -drawing up instruments concerning commercial firms and their electronic filing to the Companies Register.

Attitude to clients

Clear and open communication: we explain to our clients the meaning of their planned act and give advice on its consequences. We are able to provide professional legal advice and perform the legal act in issue. A notary public is obliged to carry out all aspects of notarial practice with due and professional care at any time.

A notary public carries out his services entrusted to him by the State, yet he has to maintain his/her independence. A notary public does not provide services that contradict the Constitution, laws, generally binding regulation and good manners.

Obligation of confidentiality

Notaries are obliged by law to keep confidentiality of all facts they learn in relation to their notarial practice (except for cases given by law) and they are obliged to keep confidential all information they learn in carrying out their notarial practice.

The obligation of confidentiality also affects notaries´ employees and it shall survive after the termination of their employment with the notary public.